Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A New Grading Guide for Early American Copper Coins

Finally there is a coin grading guide written by collectors of Early American Copper for collectors of Early American Copper. This recently published 192 page hard cover book describes and illustrates how to grade Confederation era Colonial coins as well as U.S. half cents and large cents, using the standards evolved by members of the Early American Coppers club.

Chapters in this new grading guide are devoted to sharpness grading for each of the various series, net grading (as practiced within EAC), specific characteristics of many die varieties, comparisons between commercial grades and EAC grades, authentication, the history of coin grading, and discussion of the many factors that can influence the price of a copper coin.

The volume is profusely illustrated with vibrant color images. It should provide both entertaining reading, and a valuable reference for any numismatic library. For more information, and the opportunity to order a copy of this grading guide, just visit the Early American Coppers web site, here: