Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Al Boka Large Cents - Keep an Eye on These Coins!

Heritage Auctions will sell the Al Boka Collection of 1794 Large Cents on Sept. 8, 2016. This is sure to be a notable auction of a very significant specialized collection. In spite of the brevity of the sale (just 58 coins), a number of very important early U.S. Cents will find new homes.
The Boka Collection is literally filled with important coins from 1794. Yet, for me there are a handful that stand out, even among this stellar group. Below are my personal favorites, along with my reason(s) for liking them so much:

LOT 5302 1794 S-18b (Head of 93) - This coin is not only rare (the variety is rated R4) but it is beautiful. The color and surfaces are virtually without fault. It is rated as the 5th-finest known, and is without doubt one of the finest "Heads-of-93" you will ever encounter!

LOT 5320 1794 S-35 - The second finest known coin for the variety, and the finest available to collectors (Coin#1 is impounded in the ANS Collection). S-35 is quite scarce overall (rated R5). This coin represents the latest known die-state, with a prominent crack bisecting the obverse in spectacular fashion.

LOT 5333 1794 S-48 - The Discovery Coin for the famous "Starred Reverse" 1794 Cent. This distinction (as the discovery specimen) elevates this coin to superstar status among all large cents. In addition, the coin itself is quite impressive. It is the 5th finest known, and all of the famous stars on the rev. are prominently displayed. What a Wonder Coin!

LOT 5343 1794 S-58 - The aspect of this coin that sets it apart is not its overall rarity (the variety is just R3), but rather its stellar condition. Rated as MS60 by EAC standards (PCGS MS62), this coin stands alone atop the condition census for S-58.

LOT 5351 1794 S-66 - The Boka S-66 is the finest known for the variety, in spite of its modest grade (VF25 by EAC standards). The variety is quite scarce overall (R5). The S-66 is known as the "Split Pole" variety, due to a die-break that develops along the forward extension of the pole in front of Miss Liberty's neck. The Boka coin exhibits a very prominent split pole, along with superb color and above average surfaces.