Saturday, November 28, 2015

Coming Attractions - The Tom Reynolds Large Cents !

The Goldbergs are making plans to sell the Tom Reynolds coins (Part-1) in late Jan. 2016. Based upon the early press releases, and published images of coins included in the sale, this auction promises to become one of the "whales" of early copper collection sales.
However, there is one significant difference between the Reynolds auction, and those of other legendary early copper figures like Robbie Brown, Walter Husak, Dan Holmes, and R. Tettenhorst (The Missouri Cabinet half cents): The difference involves the breadth of the collection. While the focus of the earlier legendary collectors just mentioned was BOTH completeness and quality, the Reynolds coins generally represent the single dimension of high quality.
There are certainly some rare coins in the Reynolds offering - a 1793 S-12 (R6-) is included, along with an 1801 S-217 (R6+), and a number of NC varieties from multiple years. However, it is obvious that completion in terms of all Sheldon varieties was not an aim for this collection (with the possible exception of the year 1798, which has been a particular passion for Reynolds).
With that said, there will be a lot of memorable coins in the Reynolds auction: There are at least 7 mint-state 1794 cents, and more than 30 mint-state 1798's (roughly half the PCGS population of MS coins for this date)! Many "finest-known" coins (for the variety) should bring strong bids from quality conscious buyers.
I am making plans to be "in the room" when this sale gets hammered!

The link below should provide a preview of some of the top coins in the Reynolds sale: